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All these visions are dedicated for our students who are the future generation of our country. This learning imparted to them will be imparted to the Nation in turn. We believe in the best, we provide the best, our children are the best and will be the best always.

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The school bears its title in the honour and glory of the generous and charitable, late Shriman S.M.B. Manickam Nadar, a man of fabulous vision and prudence. The school revolves around the support rendered by the Dindigul Nadar Uravinmurai members who are known for their untiring service in the field of education. Every year the school has grown and it has seen over 3 decades rolling past, this year it has gone one step forward in changing the curriculum to that of the CBSE . The school has always taken its inspiration from the words of our Mahatma, “The future of the nation lies in the perfection of a school”. The school has seen a wide growth in its strength over the years.